How we deliver.

WeGrow supplies kiri trees worldwide – efficiently and sustainably

WeGrow CropTec has already supplied customers in 44 countries worldwide with young plants of its own Kiri tree (Paulownia) varieties. More countries are added every year. To make shipping as efficient and sustainable as possible, we have developed various packaging systems.

Our packaging systems at a glance

With our various packaging systems, we ship our assortments individually – to suit the requirements of our young plants and customers. For us, the more efficiently we can ship large quantities in a small space, the more sustainable and cost-effective the transport.

With our self-developed WeGrow PlugTray®, we can ship up to 1,000 young plants of the WeGrow PLUG® assortment in a single carton box. Our patented WeGrow PlugTray® ensures that the young plants are not damaged even if the carton box is transported upside down. This way, around 10,000 young plants can be shipped worldwide on just a single pallet.

For our customers in Europe, we produce the WeGrow READY® assortment, which enables direct outdoor planting of the young kiri trees. With our packaging system, we deliver up to 1,000 young plants per pallet. Alternatively, we also offer shipping on CC trollies.

For customers in countries whose import regulations prohibit the import of young plants in rockwool or peat plugs, we offer delivery of the WeGrow CUP® assortment. In this way we pack up to 1,000 young plants in one box and around 10,000 young plants on one pallet.

Kiribaum-Jungpflanzen von WeGrow im selbst entwickelten Verpackungssystem.
Kiribaum-Jungpflanzen von WeGrow auf CC-Wagen.

We supply Kiri trees young plants all year round

We deliver our WeGrow PLUG® and WeGrow CUP® ranges worldwide all year round. Delivery times for WeGrow PLUG® and WeGrow CUP® are around 6-8 weeks.

Our WeGrow READY® assortment, which we offer for the European market, is delivered during the planting period between the end of April and mid-August. Please order plants of the WeGrow READY® assortment at least 3 months before the desired delivery date.

The minimum order quantity of our assortments is 1,000 trees per order.

Young plant export to 44 countries worldwide

To date, we have already exported young plants of our WeGrow READY®, WeGrow PLUG® and WeGrow CUP® assortments to 44 countries worldwide.

Weltkarte mit den derzeit von WeGrow CropTec belieferten Ländern.

You would like to learn more? Contact us!

We are happy to advise you and are also open to new export countries. If you have any questions about shipping or want to import to a country we do not yet supply, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.