Freshly harvested.

Harvesting your Kiri trees and what to look for

The Kiri tree (Paulownia) is considered the most fast growing tree on earth. High-quality genetics, suitable growing conditions, sufficient space allocation, as well as professional area and tree care allow first timber harvests already after six to eight years. Supplemental irrigation can usually shorten the growing time until harvest.

Größere Mengen Rundholz vor einer WeGrow Kiribaum-Plantage.

The expected harvest volume of your Kiri trees

A well-functioning plantation should have a high timber yield. Depending on the harvest volume, up to 10 truckloads per hectare can be harvested. In order to be able to transport the logs efficiently, attention should already be paid to access possibilities for harvesting vehicles when selecting the site.

Harvesting technology manual or automated

Smaller plantations up to 10 hectares are usually harvested by motor with chainsaws. Depending on availability, fully automated harvesters can be used on larger plantations to make harvesting of the Kiri trees faster and more efficient – we will be happy to advise you individually on this, as a special harvesting technique must be used.

Ein WeGrow Mitarbeiter bei der Ernte eines Kiribaums mit einer Motorsäge.

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