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Kiri tree young plants – the WeGrow assortment for worldwide shipping

WeGrow produces all young plants of its own Kiri tree varieties (Paulownia) in an in vitro process under sterile laboratory conditions. The vegetative propagation with micro cuttings guarantees the high quality of young plants that our customers appreciate.

From the laboratory in Germany to the whole world

In our in vitro laboratory in Tönisvorst, Germany, we produce Kiri trees young plants for temperate, subtropical and tropical regions. The highest phytosanitary standards guarantee young plants of the best health. The in vitro process is clearly superior to other methods, such as propagation from seed and root cuttings. While plants grown from seeds lead to very uneven growth and undesirable genetic traits on plantations in terms of frost hardiness, straight stemness, wood yield, the elite plants from in vitro propagation guarantee the highest qualitative characteristics. At this point we would like to strongly advise against propagating plants via root cuttings. This is because pathogens contained in the roots, such as phytoplasmas, can thus be transferred to new areas of cultivation. In contrast, Kiri trees propagated by the in vitro method are not only germ-free, but also absolutely pure. This guaranteed high-quality genetics is the basis for the subsequent high timber yield on the plantation. We produce three different assortments in our young plant laboratory.

Our assortments for worldwide shipping

WeGrow offers Kiri young plants in three different assortments – adapted to the different transport requirements and the regulations of the importing countries. All deliveries are provided with a valid plant passport. Phytosanitary certificates can also be issued upon request.

WeGrow READY® - for our European customers

Eine WeGrow Kiribaum-Jungpflanze des Sortiments WeGrow READY.

Our plants of the WeGrow READY assortmenrt are suitable for direct planting in the open field. They are produced exclusively for the short transport routes to our European customers. The young plants are delivered with well-developed root balls and are about 15 to 20 centimeters tall at the time of delivery. The root ball height is 10 cm.

Due to the propagation in our in vitro laboratory and the hardening off in greenhouse, foil tunnel and open land, the plants have the best characteristics for a high-yield cultivation.

At WeGrow, we deliberately do not produce young plants in plant pots, as this results in plants requiring significantly longer establishment times later in the field. The uneven root development of potted plants can also significantly reduce round wood yield in subsequent years. Instead, we use root airpruning to promote healthy and homogeneous roots. This vital root system allows the young plants to grow quickly in the field. Our lighting and nutrient management, specifically tailored to the needs of Kiri young plants, gives the plants a vigorous and stocky main shoot. Finally, we harden the foliage against UVA and UVB radiation in an outdoor phase lasting several days. In this way, we guarantee optimal Kiri young plants with our WeGrow READY range – from root to foliage.

WeGrow PLUG® - for worldwide shipping in substrate

WeGrow Kiribaum-Jungpflanzen des Sortiments WeGrow PLUG.

For our customers outside Europe, as well as for our European license partners, we offer the assortment WeGrow PLUG. These Kiri young plants are produced for worldwide airfreight transport. They allow top quality at low shipping costs – and easy handling for further growing.

The young plants are delivered in rockwool or peat plugs. The plants are about 2 to 4 centimeters tall and have a root ball that is about 3 centimeters high.

Due to the root airpruning in the patented WeGrow PlugTray®, the young plants have healthy and homogeneous roots – so the young plants can take root quickly after potting. Thanks to our special LED lighting system and individual nutrient management, WeGrow PLUG plants have a strong main shoot. The leaves are already pre-hardened by WeGrow thanks to the cultivation with reduced humidity.

WeGrow CUP® - for shipping to the USA and Chile

Especially for the import conditions of the USA and Chile, we offer the assortment of WeGrow CUP. Here, the young plants are shipped sterile in CUPs directly in the self-produced solid nutrient solution. At the time of shipment, the young plants of the assortment WeGrow CUP are about 2 to 3 centimeters tall.
In the nutrient solution, the young plants have already formed a strong root system. They have a well developed main shoot due to our specially adjusted lighting management.

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