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WeGrow CropTec distributes kiri tree young plants to more than 30 countries worldwide. We also rely on partnership models. This allows young plant producers with the necessary expertise to become license partners. The selection of our license partners is based on strict criteria: Only young plant producers who have the necessary experience in the production of young plants, the distribution of young plants, the kiri tree, and a large network in their home country are considered as license partners. In this way, we can ensure that the young plants of our license partners also meet the high requirements of the WeGrow quality management and that the local growers also receive expert cultivation advice.

License partners receive WeGrow PLUG® plants directly from the WeGrow in-vitro laboratory and produce WeGrow READY® plants for exclusive distribution in their region.

Do you also have extensive expertise, a good network and greenhouse space? Then fill out the questionnaire and apply for a WeGrow license partnership without obligation.

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